Home Blood Draw Services

Stat Lab LLC has made it easy to get your blood specimen collected and sent to the lab for testing.
There are two ways to have your blood specimen collected.

In Home Blood Draw

In Home Blood Draw Services will send a phlebotomist to your home or your choice convenient location to draw your blood. This service is available for all blood and serum tests. The home draw service is available throughout Washington Dc, Northern Virginia, Maryland and Baltimore County. Using our home draw service ensures that your sample will be sent to the lab safely for testing and obtain the test result same day or within 2 to 4 hours of collection.

Setting up a Mobile Blood Draw Service is easy:

Once your doctor’s or Physician office has requested a blood draw, someone in our client services department will contact your caregiver for appointment.

Note: It’s important to make sure your address and contact information is correct on the online form. This prevents possible delays.

Standing Order Blood Draw

Your doctor may send you a request to have your blood drawn weekly or monthly and sent to a laboratory for testing. That’s where we come in to draw your blood in the privacy of your Home-then quickly shuttle it to the lab for the test results to be sent directly to your doctor; it’s that easy.

Procedure for Home Blood Draw:

You will need to have your blood test request form from your doctor.

The Phlebotomist will call you into the room and ask you to sit in a chair and uncover your arm. After confirming your identity, blood is taken from a vein in your arm and put into a special blood bottle. Sometimes more than one blood bottle is filled depending on the type of blood test requested by your doctor, however, usually only one venipuncture is needed to collect sufficient blood for the tests. Your blood samples will then be sent to the pathology laboratory for testing.

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