Our Services

You do not have to take the risk of driving and the expenses of transporting your elderly relatives to the lab for a simple blood draw. Ask your Physician to fax their Lab test orders to us at 1-703-626-4123 and we will handle the rest. Our Home Blood Draw services are affordable and our fees and services will be fully explained to you prior to in-home visit. If you are a Home Health, Hospice, or an assisted living representative, please contact us today at 703-626-4123 and ask about our cost saving Contracted Services Pricing.

We Come to You

Stat Lab highly skilled, certified Lab Techs come to your location and provide mobile lab services ordered by your physician or health care provider. We deliver the specimens to the labs so you don’t have to leave the home. Services provided but not limited to:

Stat Lab is driven by a commitment to enhancing the quality of care for patients in long-term care facilities and provides outstanding laboratory service.